Taking a stab at diabetic poetry… #DBlogWeek

By sheer serendipity, after starting my blog last week, I’ve discovered that May 12-18 2014 is the fifth annual Diabetes Blog Week! Although I missed the ‘Change The World’ post yesterday I hope that my two previous blogs (and hopefully future posts) illustrate some of the diabetic issues important to me.

And now it is Tuesday, which is none other than Poetry Tuesday. Here goes my attempt…please be kind…

There once was a time my blood got so sweet

Thirsty and tired, weight loss not discrete

Was so weak and so frail

Ketones wee did unveil

Alas, diabetes shall not defeat


From highs to hypos and a lot of sweat

Journey’s been long and it’s not over yet

Have learnt much in this time

Perhaps not how to rhyme

And there’s plenty more to come I will bet


So many needles and finger pricks too

Misunderstood, frustrated each review

Every day I will find

Affects body and mind

How complex it can be who ever knew?


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